Which advantages you can get

Arianna - supporto document controller

Help the Document Controller in the Projects Vendor Document List management. 

Arianna sicurezza e riservatessa

Assure information security and confidentiality.

Integrazione con ERP Aziendale

Use a configurable gateway to collect data from your ERP. 

Arianna - tracking grafico

Keep under control in real time your documents production using the graphic Tracking.

Arianna - registra attività e revisioni

Track each revision and activity, keeping and always up to date documents repository.

Arianna - gestisce attività cliente tramite outlook

Ease the Customer communication, using the specific Outlook tool.

Arianna - risparmia tempo

Save time and error free procedures while assigning documents to the correct departments.

Arianna - Monitoraggio stato avanzamento documenti

Access an intuitive and graphic Dashboard, to track the documents production wokflow.

Arianna - centralizza informazioni e documenti

Centralize documents and information to be easy collected in a final book.

What makes Arianna unique


Graphic Tracking, used to represent the documents workflow progress.


A specific Workflow for any type of document, which allow to dynamically assign workloads to the competent departments. 


Specific Outlook plugin, which ease the sending of the documents to the Customers and the collection of the related feedbacks.


Configurable Gateway to receive Job and Item from most of the main ERP systems.


Full data confidentiality and protection, bases on users different profiles of usage.


Data extraction to Excel, available from all the environments.

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